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An old mother in vegetable village in Tra Que – Hoi An

 I have set my foot on the Tra Que village of growing vegetables in Cam Ha commune, Hoi An town to take photos many times, but a journey of Vietnam-Phototours with foreign photographers on June 2018 brings to me unforgettable feelings for amazing pictures that I saw and took.



Behind my lens, an old woman was picking weed surrounding little vegetable seeds … She has just fallen when moving on the garden… a little scratch appeared on her face with painful arm.. I wiped her blood out and asked her age and health, then I knew that she is over 80 years old and this is not her garden, she has just done gardening for its owner to earn. 



She has still working hard on the rainy and sunny days although her age is ‘’ high ‘’ day by day .. . It is an unexpectable life and she could not enjoy anything or relax in his whole life.

However, I always hope that she keeps your health good and gets happiness from work every day … in the rest part of life.

Tra Que village which is not only famous for growing vegetables and its fresh quality but also an attractive destination for domestic and overseas tourists …

Over 3km from Tra Que vegetable village to central of Hoi An town on the northwest and no more than 20km from it to Danang city on the southern. Nowadays, there are 220 householders working farming in this village, in which 130 householders grow rotational and intercropped cultivation vegetables on area of 40 ha. From past to now, Tra Que Vegetable Village is famous for owning over 20 kinds of leafy vegetables and spices, especially there are no place having many kinds of vegetables that are as delicious as in Tra Que such as basil, shiso … When five types of vegetables was mixed, it will consist of five tastes including spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, acrid.

If you come to take photos in the afternoon before sundown, you will enjoy peaceful atmosphere of village and see farmers working on the green vegetable gardens and the old and young woman working hard, which will be your inspiration for taking photos…
Never forget this place when visiting Hoi An. 

Hoi An 6-2018