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Enchanting Vietnam: Stunning pictures capture the timeless traditions and striking beauty of South Asian land and its people

The country offers an intoxicating backdrop for any shutterbugs inspired by the jade waters of Halong Bay, the colonial architecture of Hanoi or the frenzy of Saigon.

But one of the country’s most widely known photographers, Nguyen Vu Phuoc has been able to capture and translate on film the timeless traditions of his homeland such as fishing and cham pottery making.

His evocative series of images convey the candid laughter of children in a rainstorm and Champa kids running on the dunes in silhouette.

The mixture of black and white and colour shots also showcase the serenity of school girl taking a water taxi in Mekong in contrast to the striking picture of Salt Harvesters emptying baskets of the mineral onto a mound in Kanh Hoa Province.

Nguyen Vu Phuoc’s photographs are a stunning reminder of why Vietnam continues to enthral visitors.




Vibrant Vietnam: Amidst the rolling green landscape, Nguyen Vu Phuoc shoots the Nung Lady Rice Farmers in Hoang Su Phi




In an image entitled ‘Visions of Vietnam’ a quiet serenity is conveyed as the golden glow of dusk washes over a woman walking outdoors



The speed and the skill of this timeless tradition is caught on film in his image entitled ‘Double Vision Fishin’



‘Umbrella Leaf – Red Dao Children’ reveals a candid moment of a boy holding a huge leaf over himself, a laughing girl and her puppy during a rainstorm




The winner of countless photography awards hones in on Lo Lo Family Walking in Northern Vietnam in this image



The talented photographer creates a dramatic simplicity and finds beauty in the everyday as showcased in ‘High School Girl in Mekong Taxi’ 



Blessed with a rich heritage and abundant natural beauty it’s no surprise that Vietnam seizes the imagination of most travellers that strays to its Southeast Asian shores. This image is called Circle of Dreams



With his work ranging in genre from documentary to travel, Nguyen Vu Phuoc is a visual storyteller. Pictured ‘Ao Dai Confidential’



High art: The mystery and heritage of the Southeast Asian gem is evoked in this image entitled ‘Quintessential’



Natural wonder: The country offers an intoxicating backdrop for any shutterbugs. Pictured ‘Rice Terraces in Legendary Ha Giang Province’



The beauty of an ordinary day: A mid-action shot of the Salt Harvesters of Khanh Hoa Province



Child’s play: The lively whimsy of children running up a hill with kites is depicted in ‘Champa Kids on the Dunes’



A young child swathed in a patterned purple shawl stares at the camera while standing beside a flame in ‘Cham Girl by Candlelight’



A photograph that could have been taken at almost any point during the country’s history is the stunning ‘Rice Farmer Tilling’



A beautiful black and white image of a Cham Pottery Maker etching decorative detail on a pot is an example of the country’s rich arts scene



In this picture, Nguyen Vu Phuoc also shines an insightful light on Vietnam’s religious institutions. Pictured ‘The Good Sister – Saigon’



‘Nung Ladies at Harvest Time’ wear colourful Vietnamese clothing as and carry crops as they gossip together