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I Visited The Hard Working People Of Hon Khoi Salt Fields In Vietnam

We arrived to Nha Trang, beautiful coastal city with fabulous beaches. In the evening we enjoyed great fresh seafood dishes. Very early in the morning Phuoc drove me to the north of the city of Nha Trang, approximately 50 km, to Hon Khoi salt fields. It is located in Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province and it is one of the largest salt field in central Vietnam.
Before sunrise we joined the workers in the salt field. We saw them to sip hot coffee and eat few packs of sticky rice. It was their breakfast. Then they got ready for work, dressed properly to protect themselves against salt and heavy burden. They carry app. 70 pounds on their shoulders. Workers use wooden tool to rake up salt what they collected from the field, then their colleagues put salt into baskets and they carry it on their shoulders and then poured it into a high mound. When the sun is shining intense it´s time for them to finish their work, with the sea salt sweat on their faces. They do this hard job day by day sometimes all their lives. Phuoc asked one worker to show me her shoulder. Due to her long term work in salt fields she had her shoulder terribly deformated.

This trip to Hon Khoi salt fields was very strong and unforgettable experience for me. For sure the highlight of my trip to Vietnam. Everytime I use salt since that time I remember people who work on it in Hon Khoi.

Phuoc is very friendly and funny man and real professional. He is the famous Vietnamese photographer, who won more than 300 international awards. I have been lucky to see his work and one of his exhibitions and I can highly recommend it. I am looking forward to meet Phuoc again when I return to Vietnam and I hope he will show me some other amazing places all over Vietnam.

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Salt Fields Of Hon Khoi Before Sunrise



Salt Harvesting Before Sunrise



Salt Harvest – Detail



Sunrise In Salt Field


Baskets In Salt Field


Busy Workers In Salt Field



Salt Field Women



Salt Throwing



Salt Throwing In The Line



Women Walking With Salt Baskets



Lady Carrying Basket Full Of Salt



Breakfast Time In Salt Field




Photo Shooting In Salt Field




Me And Phuoc In Salt Field