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Hoi An – 25 Years Ago And Now Through My Lens.

Landscapes and people of Hoi An are always inspiration sources for Painters, Poets, and Photographers, etc.

Under the perspective of a photographer, I went to Hoi An 25 years ago, I took photos of quiet and untouched street corners.

At that time, there are a few tourists visiting the city. People’s pace of life was same as a normal countryside, commercial activities to serve tourists were very rare. The old houses remained their archaic shapes without restoration or the faked antiquities, etc.

People also did not canvass their goods, sidewalks were very ventilating, and there were not restaurants and bars.

These poor people did use their small boats as the home to live on the river and they made a living by taking people from the villages to the center town every day….

Nguyen Vu Phuoc

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