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Turkish photographer scavenges at Long Hai beach

Turkish newspaper reported, translated as follows:
"... before there were Japanese people who came to Turkey to watch football, and after watching the match they stayed in scavenging ... that made the Turks much to ponder ... now when They took pictures together on the beach (at Long Hai Ba Ria Pier) and they were impressed by the local people. proud of the people of the country of Turkey ... "

Pictures recorded by photographer Nguyen Vu Phuoc

The Golden Teeth Of The Ethnic Minorities Of Vietnam

In the northern mountainous area of Vietnam, there are many people of ethnic minority having custom of sticking “golden teeth”. This is a jewelry form transferred from the past custom.

It Seems That This Place Has Seduced Me Not Only The Beauty Of Nature Offered To Ninh Binh

I came to Ninh Binh many times to take photos, it seems that this place has seduced me not only the beauty of nature offered to Ninh Binh, but also the hard-working and friendly people in the countryside. They gave me the impression in each photo.

Mr. Chien’s Hair Is About 4 Meters Long And Sticking Together And Winding Like A Dragon’s Tail.

Mr Nguyen Van Chien, who is 91 years old (2018) in Dau hamlet, Dong Hoa Commune, has the longest hair (nearly 4 meters). He is living alone in a small shrine. Mr. Chien said, they have lived peacefully in shire to nourish old age for decades. Mr. Chien’s hair is about 4 meters long and sticking together and winding like a dragon’s tail.